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Ripples of Change. Metagenomics to Improve Watershed Health.

Project Goal

Our goal is to change the way we monitor water quality in our watersheds. The new science of metagenomics will be used to discover novel indicators of water pollution. These novel indicators will be essential tools in our efforts to protect the health of our watersheds.

Project Aims

To use metagenomics to measure the impact of pollution on the communities of microorganisms (the microbiome consisting of viruses, bacteria and protists) in different watersheds. To create novel tests that monitor these changes in the microbiome in order to detect pollution and pinpoint the specific source of the pollution.

Project Team

We are a team of interdisciplinary laboratory and social scientists from across Canada. Collectively, our expertise spans public health, environmental health, bioinformatics, genomics, law, science communications and policy development.